Special Bake Breads – April

Bread of the Month

City White

When families started relocating to the city from rural areas, commercial yeast became more readily available and revolutionized home bread baking.  Softer white breads could now be achieved in the home kitchen with shorter rise times.  City White is a classic Italian white bread made with both cake yeast and a natural starter.  It has a dense crust and soft, white interior.  But true to our mission, the ingredients are simple:  just flour, water, sea salt, natural starter and a pinch of yeast.

City White is $1 off the regular price all month long.

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Monday – Fougasse Round
A flavorful loaf made with a touch of rye flour, dried thyme, olive oil and Kalamata olives. 

Tuesday – Village Round
A low-profile Italian bread, perfect for dipping in olive oil, soup or pasta sauce.

Wednesday – Cinnamon Swirl Pan Loaf
A generous sugar-cinnamon swirl in our soft, white pan loaf.  
This loaf, your toaster, some butter and a knife.  Good Morning!

Thursday – Rosemary Garlic Potato
A traditional ‘pane alle patate’ loaf made with Idaho potatoes, minced garlic, fresh rosemary and a natural starter.

Friday – Cherry Walnut Pan Loaf
Toasted walnuts and tart, dried cherries​ in a soft, white pan loaf.

Saturday – Chocolate Cherry Sourdough
Dried tart cherries and semi-sweet Callebaut Belgian chocolate chunks in a traditional sourdough loaf. One unique sourdough!

Sunday – Double Raisin Pecan
Packed with dark and golden raisins, plus toasted pecans.  Sweetened with honey — no added refined sugar.