From the minute you walk in – it’s obvious there is some serious baking going on here. This is craft baking at it’s best and I am so happy to have discovered it. So much excellent baking has been lost with our grandmothers and this is the place to go for a fix of pure unadulterated pies, cakes and coffee cakes. They have flavor, they have texture and they will warm your heart!!

Everything thing is amazing! There’s not a thing I don’t like here. Grab a peanut butter doughnut and a coffee!

Maybe I could just live in this place. The aromas, the displays, the taste…it all creates an atmosphere where someone with a sweet tooth, like me, just doesn’t want to leave. I’ll take one of everything. All joking aside, Crust is a great place to go for wonderful baked goods!

Award winning bakery in downtown Fenton. Great knowledgeable staff. Everything is made from scratch and baked that day. Amazing baked goods! everything from bread, to donuts, to pies and cakes! Stephanie, the lead pastry chef, is truly talented and decorates cakes and cookies with such amazing precision and detail. Michael Green, the owner, is an amazing human being, talented, smart, and passionate about his work and employees.I worked there for a while and it was an amazing experience. The people are great and the food even better. My only complaint is that I gained a few pounds working there lol. Everything in this place tastes like it was sent down from the Gods!
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One fantastic bakery! It rivals the finest I have visited in Germany and other European countries. The employees are very helpful and cheerful. A perfect example of the customer comes first!