March Special Bread Bakes

If the luck of the Irish is with you, you’ll catch these seasonal specialties while they last…

Irish Soda Bread
daily, March 1 through March 31
Hearty and dense, this traditional brown bread is made with oats and buttermilk, then scored to resemble a clover.
$5.95 per loaf

Landbrot mit Sauerkraut Loaf
daily, March 1 through March 31
A traditional farm loaf made with rye flour, ground caraway and tangy sauerkraut. This is a terrific sandwich loaf with a soft, fine crumb and dense, slightly chewy crust. Holds up well to corned beef and pastrami.
$6.50 per loaf


Lemon Cream Cheese Pinwheel is Back

A harbinger of Spring, our Pinwheels feature buttery Viennoiserie pastry with a dollop of perfectly tart cream cheese and apricot glaze.    

Behind the Scenes

CRUST shares their artisan processes in a three-minute video produced by Reel Times Video.  Take a behind-the-scenes look at our bustling retail and wholesale business.
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Flour Power Fans

Everything thing is amazing! There’s not a thing I don’t like here. Grab a peanut butter doughnut and a coffee!

Maybe I could just live in this place. The aromas, the displays, the taste…it all creates an atmosphere where someone with a sweet tooth, like me, just doesn’t want to leave. I’ll take one of everything. All joking aside, Crust is a great place to go for wonderful baked goods!

From the minute you walk in – it’s obvious there is some serious baking going on here. This is craft baking at it’s best and I am so happy to have discovered it. So much excellent baking has been lost with our grandmothers and this is the place to go for a fix of pure unadulterated pies, cakes and coffee cakes. They have flavor, they have texture and they will warm your heart!!