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April’s Bread of the Month: City White

When families started relocating to the city from rural areas, commercial yeast became more readily available and revolutionized home bread baking.  Softer white breads could now be achieved in the home kitchen with shorter rise times.  City White is a classic Italian white bread made with both cake yeast and a natural starter.  It has a dense crust and soft, white interior.  But true to our mission, the ingredients are simple:  just flour, water, sea salt, natural starter and a pinch of yeast.

During the month of April, City White is $1 off the regular retail price.


Mother’s Day Order Deadlines

  Declare your affections for Mom in a big way with some of the sweetest selections in town.  Our May Flowers Cake can be the centerpiece of your Mother's Day celebration.  Or choose from our assortment of specially decorated sugar cookies and cupcakes.  All Special Orders for Mother's Day pick-up must be received by Friday, May 12, 11:00 a.m. Just call 810-629-8882 and select prompt 1.

Behind the Scenes

CRUST shares their artisan processes in a three-minute video produced by Reel Times Video.  Take a behind-the-scenes look at our bustling retail and wholesale business.
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Flour Power Fans

Everything thing is amazing! There’s not a thing I don’t like here. Grab a peanut butter doughnut and a coffee!

Maybe I could just live in this place. The aromas, the displays, the taste…it all creates an atmosphere where someone with a sweet tooth, like me, just doesn’t want to leave. I’ll take one of everything. All joking aside, Crust is a great place to go for wonderful baked goods!

From the minute you walk in – it’s obvious there is some serious baking going on here. This is craft baking at it’s best and I am so happy to have discovered it. So much excellent baking has been lost with our grandmothers and this is the place to go for a fix of pure unadulterated pies, cakes and coffee cakes. They have flavor, they have texture and they will warm your heart!!

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